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Popular nightspots in Prague

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is well known for many reasons. Most Americans got their first real glimpse of Prague when watching Mission Impossible. Not only is Prague the filming location for many movies (often the city is referred to as “Europe’s Hollywood”), it is ...Read More

Remarkable Villas for rent in Tuscany – Historical, romantic villas for both couples and families

Why do I always visit Tuscany?

I don’t think anyone has ever asked me why it is that I always want to spend my holidays in Tuscany.  I sometimes wish that someone would ask.  Rolling off a list of place names, the question wouldn’t be difficult to answer: ...Read More

Exploring Berlin, Germany

The weary traveler seeking something new will not be disappointed by Berlin, Germany. Berlin is one of the greatest metropolises of the world with six million plus citizens, being the heart of Germany. It has been said, one travels to fulfill an unknown desire and rumored that any ...Read More

The rise of fitness holidays, top 15 fitness and wellness holiday destinations

Most people go on holiday and return feeling as if they’d gained weight. They vow to get more exercise on their next trip instead of sitting around all day drinking mojitos on the beach. It explains why people are opting for fitness holidays that strike a balance between staying fit ...Read More

Exploring Tintagel, Cornwall

Tintagel is a pretty little town on the north Cornish coast.  Rocky crags meet the sea and lead up to the site of the castle remains.  Tintagel is reputed to be the home of King Arthur’s castle, Camelot, and much in the town is geared towards this legend – ...Read More

London, the Ultimate Tourist Destination

Introduction to London

Most of the time, a tourist location is targeted at specific human types: sophisticated people like going to places like Dubai, while people who enjoy more traditional architecture and old habits will choose areas like France, Scotland or Ireland.  There are ...Read More

Exploring the tombs of Aquileia

Once an important roman town, Aquileia is now a small city in Italy flanking the lagoons on the river Natiso at a distance of 10 km from the sea. Founded in 181 BC as a Roman  colony mainly to facilitate the trade routes of the north as ...Read More

Top 5 Tourist Mistakes in Vienna

Vienna is the ultimate place for you to visit, either in terms of history, cultural heritage, art or deliciously sinful pastries, not to mention the great classical composers. The most impressive thing about Vienna is that it stands out as a “new old city”, meaning that it is a ...Read More

Beaches in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Framed by cerulean blue waters and virgin white sands, Scotland’s offshore Bahamian paradise draws many a comparison with the archipelagos of the Caribbean, only, the Outer Hebrides are congregated 4,200 miles in the opposite direction. Situated off the dramatic North Western shore of mainland Scotland, the Outer Hebrides (or ...Read More

Things to do in Athens, Greece – A Unique Holiday

Combine modern and ancient Athens together for a unique holiday. Take in the classic sights whilst you experience some of the contemporary delights this cosmopolitan city has to offer.…

...Read More