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Holidays in Oman: Still undiscovered but increasingly popular destination for an exotic holiday

Not everyone feels attracted to classic holidays package. Spending a week or two in the same hotel and on the same beach has become too boring for many people. More and more tourists are therefore opting for cruises. Most people associate a cruise with classic destinations such as the ...Read More

Travelling to the magnificent city of Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, the East is united with the West, the traditional with fashion and landscape with the sea in a marvelous way. It is one of those cities that, once you visit it, you do not want to leave.…

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Dubai Things To Do, Activities and Entertainment

Dubai certainly isn’t short of things to keep you occupied and entertained. A truly international city, Dubai has a wide range of activities for people of all ages. So from skiing to horse racing, from desert safaris to hot air balloon rides, there really is something for everyone.…

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Best Attractions on Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong Island might seem small and slightly underdeveloped, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy.  As soon as people arrive on this island, they will find themselves quite busy, as they try to determine what they should do first. Here are ...Read More

Best things to see and do in Singapore

You’ve just landed in Singapore and you have no idea where to go or how to get there. Allow me to serve as your virtual tour guide!


If you are looking to save time and money on transportation I suggest that your first purchase in Singapore ...Read More

Koh Samui villas – rewarding option for both Thai and foreign investors

Building or buying a private house or villa on Samui a popular and rewarding option for both Thai and foreign investors. The construction and materials costs are relatively low compared with other countries and there are enough experienced companies to guarantee a quality result, as long as you ...Read More

Family Holidays in Niseko, Japan

Family ski holidays in Japan can be a wonderful way to spend time with the kids, stay active as well as finding some time to relax, however planning and executing a ski holiday with children in mind can be a very overwhelming task. If not planned meticulously a ski ...Read More

Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Dubai

The Paris of the Middle East, Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world and is a tourist’s paradise. Holidaymakers flock the city all year round to enjoy adventures in UAE and the sun, sand, beach and shopping. The rapid expansion of Dubai has caused it to ...Read More

Top Reasons to Visit Malaysia

As far as travel destinations go, Malaysia is right up there with the best. If you are on the lookout for an outstanding travel experience, this amazing getaway should be first on your mind.

From the food to the sights, weather and other important features that make up ...Read More

The rise of fitness holidays, top 15 fitness and wellness holiday destinations

Most people go on holiday and return feeling as if they’d gained weight. They vow to get more exercise on their next trip instead of sitting around all day drinking mojitos on the beach. It explains why people are opting for fitness holidays that strike a balance between staying fit ...Read More