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The rise of fitness holidays, top 15 fitness and wellness holiday destinations

Most people go on holiday and return feeling as if they’d gained weight. They vow to get more exercise on their next trip instead of sitting around all day drinking mojitos on the beach. It explains why people are opting for fitness holidays that strike a balance between staying fit ...Read More

Why You Should Travel to Nairobi

Nairobi is one of the biggest cities in Africa and a major financial economic power house in both East and Central Africa. Roaming the city one surely will notice all the multinational firms proving the idea that the city has a lot to offer in terms of investments. ...Read More

General Ideas of Organizing an Africa Safari

Organizing a safari to Africa might be hard work, but when done right it will be beneficial to not only you and the tourists but also the countries you visit. There are numerous different types of animals and activities to do on a safari and they tend to ...Read More

Angola – War Torn, Still Resilient

Angola is a war torn country in south central Africa and one would not expect it to have much of attractions to offer for the traveler. This is the reason for it being a bit neglected on the tourist map.…

...Read More

Gaborone – A Varied Destination

Gaborone is the capital of Botswana. This is one of the obvious destinations in the country and offers a great number of rewarding attractions for travelers. The city is not typically beautiful, but is filled with a range of sights and things to do. The low cost of ...Read More

Tourist Attractions in Madagascar

Welcome to the fourth largest island in the world! Nature, at its best, resides in and around this great island. Encircled by shimmering beaches and palm trees, the island boasts a dazzling varied landscape ranging from the green plateaus, volcanoes, and natural reserves. It is said that the island was ...Read More

Tourist attractions in Congo

Nestled on a side of the Congo River, Congo is legally called the Republic of Congo that is full of natural highlights. I am sure there is no one who does not like to spend holidays amidst waterfalls, coastal areas with lagoons, virgin forests, soaring mountains, and varied ...Read More

Tourist attractions in Mali

Mali in the heart of Africa is like a gem in an ocean, which is certainly the pride of the continent. With rich history regarding its deserts and rivers, Africa is blessed to offer some of the most notable tourist attractions in Mali. Can you recall the popular cities ...Read More

Safari Holidays in South Africa

Though South Africa is well known for being a “Westernized” country in Africa, it still does have a bit of a wild side.  If you’re looking for a great safari in South Africa, then start your holiday at the world renowned Kruger National Park.

Why ...Read More

Honeymoon at the Royal Livingstone – Zambia

Take a step back in history to the Royal Livingston hotel on the mighty Zambezi River next to Victoria Falls. This 173 room recreation of colonial spender is designed to take you back to a time when people dressed for dinner, and the lady’s took afternoon tea. ...Read More