Angola – War Torn, Still Resilient

Angola is a war torn country in south central Africa and one would not expect it to have much of attractions to offer for the traveler. This is the reason for it being a bit neglected on the tourist map.

Most people simply can not imagine the country to have much on offer other than landmines and violent history. Most people would even think the country is still at war.

Baines Reserve

Well, actuality is quite different. Angola is a new haven for investors and has plenty of excellent opportunities. For the traveler too, Angola abounds in sights and attractions. The huge number of excellent amenities on offer at the country makes for a superb destination that is, to top it all, happily devoid of tourist hordes. Angola has a huge deal of attractions on offer.

Let us begin with the beaches here. The beaches here are luscious stretches of sand that have pristine sands and crystal clear waters. Now that the peace treaty has been signed and peace restored, there are a number of hotel chains that are looking at the country. There have been a huge number of resorts and hotels opening in the country already. There is no dearth of quality at all.


Of course, Angola is a country that also abounds in opportunities for the number one attraction in Africa – Safari. The country has a huge wealth of flora and fauna. There are a huge number of excellent sites where you can take advantage of the sights of the huge number of species. The Iona National Park is the oldest national Park here, and covers a whooping 15, 000 kilo meters.

Angola is surprisingly also known for its nightlife. Partying with the locals is fun. There are quite a number of authentic destinations in the capital and other areas.